John Michael Boling

John Michael Boling uses pictures, mostly videos and re-edits them in an attempt to make art. He works with a number of different websites and groups.

I have trouble with Boling’s work because I feel a lack of originality. Some of his videos are fun when he pairs up guitar solos or plays ominous music I watched battlestar galactica. Loved the show and I do not understard “51 Years of Art History Represented by 51 Seconds of Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Episode 18.” Now I’ve watched the episode, again, and there emotional freakout near the end of the episode has not been changed AT ALL. The Artist  just took a different interpretation from the man’s emotional outburst.In my opinion, Boling cheapens the storyand then puts his own name on it .

3 Responses to “John Michael Boling”

  1. Ivan Petrovic Says:

    The Universe and this Earth of ours are happy because John Michael Boling works just like he works.

  2. Paul Slocum Says:

    totally, JMB sucks.

  3. mousesafari Says:

    Its is interesting to make work that’s tries to be interesting$