Jeff Baij

This guy just plays around with photoshop and calls it fine art. he uses videos, images, movable images with .gif, I guess. I could not find any personal information about him on his website or any other. In fact when you google him one of the first things that comes up is a umw blog.  there doesn’t seem to be an underlying message to his art, or even a purpose. Like krist or andy? I recognized one of the guys as Andy Kaufman but not the other. The whole thing feels like an internet quiz and I guess he could be an important artist if he has been doing this since the 70’s or 80s but I have no information on the guy and the fact is that its not ground breaking now.

I'm a Graphic Designer. Who the fuck are U?

4 Responses to “Jeff Baij”

  1. Krist Novoselic Says:

    I resent that.

  2. mousesafari Says:

    Woah kewl it is refreshing 2 c ppl dat make art on the online and for to have it be actually cool!

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